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 Dawnelle Elizabeth, Naturally gifted singer and songwriter, is a new highly acclaimed Christian Artist, and native Californian.  She enters the Christian music scene like a fresh and original beautiful breeze . Her voice has great range, from powerful and strong to sweet and slightly airy.  Listener's will be encouraged, inspired and touched with the passion & sincerity they hear in her voice.  The songs she writes are about her life experiences, walk of faith, and are very catchy.   She captivates listener's with her testimony, letting people know she was once in darkness, and now is in God's marvelous light.  She is angelic with her unique authentic style. Dawnelle Elizabeth's album titled "I WILL BOW DOWN" features 14 songs;  it is hard to pick a favorite because "they are all so good" says her many listeners.

Her music appeals to all ages.  The song, "I WILL BOW DOWN" caught the attention of "QS Productions was featured on the "UNIFIED BY GRACE" completion  Album ", Also her song," I'M HANGING ON" is on "A CALL FOR HEALING" completion album", 50% of the proceeds go to a Mission in Uganda, a Nyambabare Clinic.  These projects help keep the Mission stocked with anti-malaria medications and mosquito nets.

  Dawnelle is on two more COMPLETION ALBUMS---"COME CLEAN" , featuring her song "SONSHINE" ,and "COUNTRIFIED" featuring her song "IN GOD WE TRUST".


Dawnelle is a professional Christian  recording artist. She sings for retreats, conferences, Churches, and events around the United States. She is also a requested speaker for organizations such as AGLOW INTERNATIONAL and combines her music ministry with speaking.

All of Dawnelle's Albums & Live Shows are getting great reviews!

Dawnelle Elizabeth's voice is unique, interesting, draws you in and has much variation. 

  "DAWNELLE ELIZABETH'S MUSIC  is available on iTunes and most of the Digital Distribution Stores around the world for her fans to access.  She feels blessed that she can use her music to help people around the world and spread the good news of Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior.  Dawnelle is joyful to use her music to serve and glorify God;   she is thankful with a grateful heart to the Lord for all he has done and is doing in her life.

Mission Statement

I dedicate my music that I write and sing to my savior, Jesus Christ", whom I give all the glory. As the Holy Spirit speaks to my heart, my melodies and lyrics come so natural; I love to worship the Lord and give him praise with my music. I pray in the mighty name of Jesus that when people hear my songs, their' hearts would be touched with joy and peace, and that my music ministry will help draw more people to Jesus Christ. I want to thank Jesus for everything, because he is our Savior & King; all the praise and glory is for him, to use my music for his Kingdom.


The lord has put it on my heart to share my music ministry with the world for the glory of God. I grew up in San Fernando Valley, California singing secular music most of my life with much emptiness and no Joy. I realized that I needed a savior and that I was a sinner, so I asked Christ into my heart as my personal savior. That’s when I was brought out of darkness and into Gods marvelous light. I now sing and write songs that glorify my father in heaven with "much Joy". 

Although I was saved, I knew that I still needed healing, because I suffered from anxiety and fear. I wanted to be delivered so I could receive the "fullness of the holy spirit". I attended a retreat where I was healed and delivered. The spirit was cast out of me, in the" Name of Jesus", and now I am free of all fear and anxiety. God has given me more gifts after being delivered from these spirits. I am a prayer warrior, believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and I'm "touching other people's lives" with these gifts that God gave me.
To prevent things: manifestations, Prov. 19:11 says to overlook an offense. Matthew 5:25 says to forgive quickly.
"There are two kingdoms at work in the world, the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness. Both are alive and well. We need to separate them so we can focus on living in the right kingdom, the kingdom of God, which is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. By knowing your enemy “you can clearly see so you can choose wisely.”
John 8:32: “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”
Rev 12:11: “We overcome him (the Devil) by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.”
III John 2 “Beloved I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospers.”
Be transformed in our minds to God’s thoughts, not conformed to the thoughts of this world. (Romans 12:2) Everything begins with our mind. Choose for your life that will help you establish good thoughts, and rid yourself of things that may be tempting and cause you to think wrongly.
“Take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” II Corinthians 10:5
Develop a clear understanding of salvation and forgiveness of sins.
With God all things are possible, have Faith and Believe it’s a free gift to eternal life with our creator, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. If you were to die today and do not know where you will spend eternity, I hope you will believe and have Faith to pray this prayer. So you can know for certain, your salvation.
I believe in God. I believe in Jesus Christ the Son of God. I’m a sinner and I need a savior, Jesus come into my heart. Fill me with your Holy Spirit, I believe you were raised from the dead, and rose again, and ask you to be the Lord of my life, I surrender to you, in Jesus holy precious name. Amen.
.. Blessings and remember “GOD LOVES YOU”
.. Dawnelle Elizabeth .. ..........